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Story by Ryan Moore

"We all made it."

This photographic series was created with the sole purpose of representing the motto of Philmont Scout Ranch; “Change Lives.” By joining both a 12-day trek and a 7-day trek for their first and last day on trail, I captured before and after portraits of the crew members, and witnessed a development of growth from their unique time on trail. Due to multiple days spent of exhaustion and adversity, I initially expected to witness the energy of the crews drop on their last day compared to the first. However, everyone had a sense of light shining from them that would make you wonder how special their time together must have been. Each portrait was taken using an off-camera flash that was brought on-location. This approach allowed me to create contrast, with the light, as a means of forming a deeper connection with the individuals, as well as showcasing that shining light that was unique to their time in God’s Country.


CREW 710-P-02

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