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2022 Staff Photo Contest Winners

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2022 Philmont Marketing and Photo Services Staff Photo Contest! We had a significant amount of incredible entries, and are proud to share those photos with you today, as well as in our final PhilNews publication of the summer, releasing on August 8.

(Make sure to scroll all the way through to see our overall winners!)

To all of our winners: You will be contacted shortly to be awarded your prize



The best photos of things happening around Philmont!

1st - Robbie Tennant, The Final Stretch

2nd - Chris Hodges, FALLING

3rd - Chris Hodges, Rocky Mountain High


Living History

Show us the best moments of history being alive at Philmont Scout Ranch.

1st - Jacob Dalton, Morning Valley Light

2nd - Jack Brancatelli, Welcome Wagon

3rd - Dave Garfinkel, Welcome to Basecamp



Submit the best portraits of the summer - they don't have to be interp!

1st - Robert Burks, Determined Hunger

2nd - Emily Bartles, Curly at Sunset

3rd - George Reisinger, Poppy Portraits


Animals & Wildlife

The best of Philmont fauna both domestic and wild!

1st - Hannah Meixner, Maids of the Mist

2nd - Max Miller, Hummingbird

3rd - Thomas Walker, Burro Encounter



Show us the beauty of God's Country!

1st - Jacob Dalton, Valley of Life

2nd - Aaron Gleisner, Tooth Ridge Climb

3rd - Paul Hrabosky, Sunset on Costilla



Memorable and/or intimate moments from your time with a crew or fellow staff member.

1st - Hannah Meixner, Beaubien Morning

2nd - Chris Hodges, Buck Creek Brekkie Burritos

3rd - George Reisinger, End of Training Week



Make us laugh with pictures of silly moments from this summer.

1st - J.H., Philmont or Bust

2nd - Chris Hodges, Rayado Shenanigans

3rd - Jackson Castle, An Intimate Moment


And now the moment you've been waiting for...

2022 Overall Winners

3rd - Aaron Gleisner, Tooth Ridge Climb

2nd - Dave Garfinkel, Welcome to Basecamp

1st - Jacob Dalton, Valley of Life


Once again, thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!

- 2022 Marketing & Photo Services Staff

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