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Independent Projects

Explore other Philmont storytelling projects dedicated to documenting the rich history of the ranch. Disclaimer: while these projects are mostly run by staff alumni, they do not reflect the views and/or opinions of Philmont Scout Ranch and the Boy Scouts of America.

Silver on the Sage Podcast
Join Staff Alumni Caitlin Lowe as she shares, celebrates and preserves the stories of those impacted by their time on staff at Philmont Scout Ranch. For a full archive of episodes click here.

Women Ranger Digital Stories

Telling the stories of Philmont Women Rangers with the modern techniques of voice, images and videography

Philmont Field Recordings

Since 2014, Philmont Musicologist Ellyn Washburne has recorded and produced recordings of Backcountry campfire shows 

Backcountry Music 

Down in the Contention was recorded in the Stomp Cabin by the 2021 Cyphers Mine Staff. It includes original songs by Emily Bartles and Ryan McDowell as well as covers of a variety of other songs. 

The Tobasco Donkeys were made up of Philmont Staff Members and released their first album Sawin' on the Strings in 1999. The second album, The Yarn Sessions, was recorded in July of 2007 and released in May of 2008.

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