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I'm A Real Cowboy

616 CV Cavalcade at Philmont Scout Ranch 

By: Victoria Case

Crew 616 CV at cattle headquarters readying themselves and trying to intimidate their opponent for the Gymkhana on June 23, 2023 at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron N.M.


Crew 616 CV admiring and eagerly waiting for the horses being picked for them at cattle headquarters beginning their wrangler training.


Wrangler Training

Wrangler Adam Martin helping out crew 616 CV member Brady Ott tie his horse to the fence post at cattle headquarters during wrangler training.

"If your horse stops and you hear a waterfall under you, stand up on your stirrups and yell, "WRANGLER WRANGLER I'M PEEING!"" 

Jon Vickers 

Horseman - Crew

616 CV


Crew 616 CV on their first horse ride during wrangler training on the Lover's Leap trail in front of the Tooth of Time.

616 CV at cattle headquarters for wrangler training being taught everything they must know for when they go on cavalcade in the days ahead on June 17, 2023.


616 CV riding around the cattle headquaters arena for wrangler training.


The Trek Begins...

David Slavtcheff of crew 616 CV pets his horse as his arrives at Miners Park staff camp  on June 18.

Mullet At Miners Park

New environment and new scenery causes chaos for the first day into the cavalcade as crew 616 CV decided it was time to cut hair. Crew member Brady Ott went on to ask if it was allowed for his fellow crew members to cut his locks, and style it into a mullet.  

Brady Ott of crew 616 CV smiling as other crew member David Slavtcheff begins the hair cut at Miners Park staff camp.

Brady Ott of crew 616 CV poses for a picture with his freshly cut mullet at Miners Park staff camp.


Brady Ott of crew 616 CV hanging off his pack horse securing the crews items at Clarks Fork staff camp on June 23.


616 CV leaving Miners Park, checking their pack horses.



Anthony Gambescia and James Chapek of 616 CV walking their horse into the arena before the gymkhana begins on June 23.

When the cavalcade trek comes to an end participants take part in, Gymkhana. This is a mini rodeo/competition we put on for scouts in which they can put the skills they developed over the past week to the test. Focusing on how well they control their horses around barrels and also working together as a team.


Crew 616 CV huddles up and prepares themselves at Gymkhana on June 23.


Anthony Gambescia during barrel races at Gymkhana.


Anthony Gambescia during relay races at Gymkhana.


James Chapek during barrel races at Gymkhana.


David Slavtcheff during barrel races at Gymkhana.


Brady Ott during barrel races at Gymkhana.


David Slavtcheff during steer penning at they herded steer around the arena at Gymkhana.

"Did you see that! We are real cowboys"

David Slavtcheff 

Crew 616 CV

Portrait of 616 CV horseman Jon Vickers at Miners Park staff camp.


After cavalcade ended crew 616 CV left sentimental notes to each of the wranglers, as well as on the out of the envelope they wrote inside jokes that were made along the way of their week long trek. 

Portrait of 616 CV wrangler Adam Martin at Miners Park staff camp.

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